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From United States, 27 years old.
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About gamerkiss
Hiya~ i'm an artist and a comic artist and i mostly draw when i feel like it or have free time. --- i found memecenter a while ago but wasn't sure it was the place for me. i was afraid of people being cruel, however i've seen the exact opposite so far. --- about gamerkiss: -gamerkiss is somewhat of a persona for me, but also a character. it may be confusing so sorry about that <:3 --- though i made her a long time ago, she really came to her real design once i got into Panty and Stocking with Gartebelt. that show became my life and i formed gamerkiss around both panty and stocking. -though panty is my hero. --- gamerkiss may be an attention whore, but she just doesn't care.
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gamerkiss's Favorite Questions
Q : What games do you casually play and what games do you kick ass in?
yokiria8 years ago
A : hehe :3 i play a lot of tf2, l4d(2), dota2, warframe recently, gtaV, plenty of others but those are my favorites.
Q : This is gonna sound super insulting, but, if you are the artist behind that first post, WOO! Damn you talented. Love those fingers and the upward hand position. Very sassy. Reminiscent of Panty and Stocking <3
Look forward to more work, Kiss!
P.S. the other gamer girls welcome you!!! <3
skyeribbonpwny8 years ago
A : i'm the artist yesh~! thankyou! i love panty and stocking if you couldn't tell~~
Q : Where did you find the model for your character?? :) Also she is so HOT!. :D
jeprox138 years ago
A : like how did I come up with her? Well she was a character a while back ago, but after seeing panty and stocking, she got a bit of a make over, back when it first came out. :3 maybe i'll make a post about it. for example, the stockings came from stocking of course, then the '***y' tank top bit' i thought of panty. the pink in the hair was from stocking, and well they both had blue eyes. i almost wanted her to be able to fit into the universe.
Q : I like how everyone thinks you copied Gearboy just because your character has fox/wolf parts. Everything else is different and I can see the Panty&Stocking; style, mainly in the hands. When did Memecenter become like this? It's like Gearboy became the new pewdiepie and you made an enemy of his fanbase.
alex.dagos8 years ago
A : ///^^/// thank you so much for understanding! i'm getting SO many messages and things just like these so they mean a lot~! i've beenn getting more comments like these than negative, by a long shot :3 so it makes it all the better. panty and stocking is my biggest inspiration and i've loved gainax's stuff for a long time. (currently watching kill la kill)

but yeah im gonna keep doing what i'm doing :3 nothing's gonna stop me~
Q : I actually like your character xD I think that you are really talented, and I know that there are lots of wolf/fox characters, so I don't see anything wrong with your character.... :) Keep drawing please! You inspire me now ^-^
gear_girl8 years ago
A : ;w; !!!!! that's one of the sweetest things i've heard all day~ thank you~!
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