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About gifer
im a shit person with shit taste in fandoms, shit skill in art, a shit voice, a shit face, and shit taste in music
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gifer's Favorite Questions
Q :

what is a moment of your life you wish you could take back or re-do?

tauzoo3 years ago
A :

Um....That one time in Asia Pop Con.
Yeah, I wish I could go back there, and get a picture with Commander Holly, rather than just saying hi.


the time i was born
do hospitals take returns?
end me 8)

Q : why does the void have so much neon green?
lightningbum3 years ago
A :

fueled by mountain dew, baby.

Q :

How about a Ekan and a Zubat
that would be neat

A :

Challenge accepted. >:3c

Q :

How did you find Mc?

quirks.143 years ago
A :

My friends were browsing through 9gag.
I wanted to find a memesite myself, so I went through google, typing 'meme site', and stumbled upon memecenter.
It looked very promising, and the idea of trophies, ranking, and leveling up was very videogame-esque, so I loved it.

I ended up stumbling into 9gag, too, but thought,
'What was that other site again? Oh yeah, memecenter. I liked that one.' and I ended up sticking around here.

Q :

what exactly is your character?
like in that "let it slide" post, demon? reptilian? some mutation of feline? some mutation of reptile like fallouts deathclaws?
i really want to know, because its got such a silly looking mouth and interesting horns.

ulysses-odyssey3 years ago
A :

Er, as of now, they're more like half-dragon people. They're "Void people", with a beak-like dragon mouth and horns and the sort (While having wings is still being contemplated).

Before, they used to have many eyes, but they underwent through several design changes. (Most especially for my character, the girl.) Amount of eyes, height, horn design, horn placement, abilities, (I used to make them able to create wings out of "Void material", but went against that) and all that were changed.

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