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About gifer
im a shit person with shit taste in fandoms, shit skill in art, a shit voice, a shit face, and shit taste in music
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gifer's Favorite Questions
Q :

what is a moment of your life you wish you could take back or re-do?

tauzoo5 years ago
A :

Um....That one time in Asia Pop Con.
Yeah, I wish I could go back there, and get a picture with Commander Holly, rather than just saying hi.


the time i was born
do hospitals take returns?
end me 8)

Q : why does the void have so much neon green?
lightningbum5 years ago
A :

fueled by mountain dew, baby.

Q :

How about a Ekan and a Zubat
that would be neat

A :

Challenge accepted. >:3c

Q :

How did you find Mc?

quirks.145 years ago
A :

My friends were browsing through 9gag.
I wanted to find a memesite myself, so I went through google, typing 'meme site', and stumbled upon memecenter.
It looked very promising, and the idea of trophies, ranking, and leveling up was very videogame-esque, so I loved it.

I ended up stumbling into 9gag, too, but thought,
'What was that other site again? Oh yeah, memecenter. I liked that one.' and I ended up sticking around here.

Q :

Who's you're favourite beta troll? ^-^ Mine's Tavros }:0

cuttlefishy5 years ago
A :

(Oh, wow, hi fishy! :O //gasps)

I, personally liked Gamzee the moment his introduction page came up! :o)
(and even despite what he's done i somehow still manage to like him)

It was a tough choice picking him over Terezi and Nepeta, however!

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