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From United States, 24 years old.
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About hisokaa
Grow a fucking sack you whiny piece of obtuse shit. Let me tell you something: this fandom has been around for decades and will long, long outlast fair weather flavor-of-the-month fans like you, you sanctimonious piece of human detritus. Jojo is art. It defies its genre and transcends its own limits. Thats part of why its been recognized both in classical institutions like the Louvre and by bleeding-edge high-fashion companies like Gucci and Shisedo. Its a body of work, an oeuvre, and is meant to be appreciated in as pure of a form to the authors original vision as possible. The anime itself is an extended love note to the manga, trying to recreate nearly every frame. A treat specifically to reward longstanding fans of a much beloved older series - supplemental material. Only a buffoon would seek to replace the shining original with a derivative byproduct.
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Q :

I've never done photoshop in my whole life but i learned just so i could do this for you, , Thank you hisokaa/Tommeh you are a really good user and the only actual reason i come back to memecenter is just to check your feed of messages/posts , When i'm feeling bad i just come here and see what you posted and i feel actually better afterwards.

jaspion6 years ago
A :

Wow, thanks man. That means a lot to me.

Glad to know that all of my JoJo posts actually helped someone

Q :

Dio or Giorna?

elegantking6 years ago
A :


Q :


doemz7 years ago
A :


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