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From Syrian Arab Republic, 21 years old.
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About howkmohamad
Well it's kind of sad seeing how ... less popular memecenter has become
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howkmohamad's Favorite Questions
Q : Why your posts aren't featured?
jazz768 years ago
A : i have 2 explanations and only one of them is true
a:) my posts are boring
b:) admins are blind and they can not see my posts
you tell me yourself why
Q : You DESERVE TO GET FEATURED YOu have Epic Posts!
wishal220018 years ago
A : thanks ..... i really hope my posts get featured and i try my best by posting posts to but a laughter on memecenters users faces
Q : I'm kind of lazy to read.. What is going on in syria? :I
-vekym-8 years ago
A : its kind of complecated .....but the simplest way to say it is : america pays people to convince jihadists and al-qaida to attack syria and syrians .... as you know al qaida is all about murderous rapist baastards but our president "bashar al assad " and our superior army are trying to protect us but your media lies to americans and presents them like murderers but .... frankly ... they are the heroes of syria
Q :

You back?

chuckhandsome4 years ago
A :

Maybe . I came back to the site practically for a little skit of one of my videos . But I was feeling too nostalgic here . I felt right at home . I like it here .
It's been a while . And it is sad to see some old faces gone "Raze . Jagodibuja . Gear boy" and some of the old regular meme guys "Like bakoahmed" But I am glad to see that there is still a thriving community dedicated to posting original funny memes . and I might as well stay

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