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From Gotham City, 32 years old.
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About jonaszimmerart
Should be studying - instead I'm doodling.
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jonaszimmerart's Favorite Questions
Q : can you draw me the super worst thing or situation you ever think of ?
greendy3338 years ago
A :
Q : what do you use for drawing
veljapro008 years ago
A : I draw by hand, scan it, vectorize the outline and paint digital! :)
Q : Since when did you start comics?
knno8 years ago
A : When I was at my parents home the last time, I was looking for some old comics of mine. I made them when I was 7 or 8 (I think it was 1997). We've got an iMac back then and I drew them with the mouse. That weren't my first comics, but the first digital that I made.. If I find them, I'll post them!
But I made comics throughout school. Starting in elementary just for myself and on the higher school to amuse my classmates (and to distract myself from learning french)..
Q : i just want to ask you why vlade is not in your cover photo with famous artist's in MC ?
im just curious. thanks if you answer me :D
rannieboy4448 years ago
A : Hey! I stated this before.. the cover photo is my personal selection of users whose work I really enjoy. I'm not a big fan of Vlades work but I think that's perfectly okay - not everyone has the same taste. His comics don't make me laugh and most of the pictures in his Faith in Humanity (and similiar) posts are old and I already know them.

That's all :)
Q : do you have any pets if so can you post a pic
arrow60008 years ago
A : Have a look a bit down this page! :) Terru asked the same and I send her a pic of my cat!
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