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knightfighter's Favorite Questions
Q : I always liked your content, are you always high while making these?
ben7 years ago
A : not always, but very often ;D
Q : I just cant believe Ben said the exact thing i wanted to say, man, knighfighter, I VERY MUCH enjoy your content, are you more of a Photoshopper or an MS Painter? xD
snajath7 years ago
A : neither. i use mostly paint in combination with gimp ^^ i don't know what i like more. draw or edit images .. i think i love both equally. i think it would be much too boring for me to exercise only one of these things ;) the gifmaker i've also gained very much xD
Q : I really like your gifs and the quality is always great. what program(s) do you use to make them?
redskady7 years ago
A : i use solely the gifmaker. only the pictures, which i additionally replacements are (if needed) before edited with gimp. i put value on accuracy in place of the images. but it also costs a lot of time and nerves. time and nerves that i like to invest for :)
Q : How tough are you?
kluku7 years ago
A : on a scale from 1 to 10 ..11! just kidding xD but i can verbally plug in some ;)
Q : Why is your username knightfighter?
Cedestroyer7 years ago
A : that was my first nickname on the internet. i've used it in a forum. since i'll use it for other things, such as for video games, for my music remixes and for other pages :)
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