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About lea.parrot.1
Hi my name is Jesse. I used to be weeb on here but yikes i have grown and now i come back every 2 years with a stolen meme I am not very active here. i have changed a lot since the last time. I know this is cringy and stuff but i realized im trans,and pan. Turns out i have depression and anxiety,and when the doctor told me that i felt horrible. Thank you all who supported me and my art all those years,thank you. I love you.
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lea.parrot.1's Favorite Questions
Q : Are you excited to see the special episode of dr Who of November 24?
distorsion6 years ago
A : really? i didin't know that... but yea now i am! tnx for the info :D
Q : I followed back.
coltalbice6 years ago
A : Yea i seen that, tnx btw! :D
Q : You a guy or a girl? If you're a guy then I'd like to ask, why do you guys like MLP? I mean it as a serious question, not as an insult or anything.
alfalykos6 years ago
A : well i'm a girl , but i 'm more like a guy so i know why guys like mlp, my bro was a mlp hater, but now he loves it, i made him watch some videos, first: pfudor pink fluffy unicorn then he liked it so he watched some episodes like when discord becomed good and canterlot wedding, guys like mlp because good graphic , nice characters good story and lot of acti hope it helped u understand
Q : The Doctor is now following you... It would be in your best interest to either follow me or if you're not insane and want to live, RUN! Also not much of a mlp guy, just never seen the interest but everyone likes what the likes so I'm not going to fault you on it. And you are a DW fan so fantastic. 10 points if you can tell me which Doctor has that catchphrase.
go-away6 years ago
A : yay
Q : wow you are awesome! i love your memes! :D
ides.rezes6 years ago
A : tnx! :D
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