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From New Los Angeles, 30 years old.
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This is the power of Memes!
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live2rawr's Favorite Questions
Q : Dude you like Xenoblade?!
nilkkii8 years ago
A : Like? I LOVE Xenoblade Chronicles :D. I've been a huge Monolith Soft fanboy ever since Xenosaga, but Blade really sealed my love for them.
Q : Are you excited for the new "Xenoblade" game? (Not really Xenoblade, but hey... it begins with X and it's made be Monolith soft!)
chocobo298 years ago
A : Heck yeah I am! I can't wait!!!
Q : rawr rawr rawr!
gymby8 years ago
A :
Q : how do you have 22000 likes?!?? you only started posting like a month or two ago!!!
I've been here since last july and i only have 2,000 likes. Do you have an IV drip of memes or something :0
Your too generous.
A : I began my MC life mid December of 2013, so its been almost 4 months. I really only commented, but then I began to post random junk I liked or found.

I am pretty generous with giving a post a like tho. Even if I've seen it before, if it still made me laugh or smile, or improved my day even a little, I'll give it a like.
Q :

Just noticed the guitaroo man cover, if i could follow you 1k more times i would :P

mellik7 years ago
A :

I change my profile and cover from time to time. I keep my cover as Shulk but I change my cover to represent different aspects of things I like. But Guitaroo Man is at the top of that list. That game is the shit. I have the OST and listen to it over and over. Best. Rhythm game. EVER.

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