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About lukas1badass
He is known as the baddest bass player in the house, king of his neighbourhood, crowned by idiots. Despite all of this, he still tries to impress his crush, but pathetically fails each time. He is not popular. But he is a nice guy though, and will gladly answer your PMs and questions^^
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Q :

Boop. Cette section de ton profil m'appartient maintenant.
Merci pour le follow mais je suis très peu actif ces temps-ci. Cependant y'a pas mal de monde qui est génial par ici. Notamment:
(Voilà, and sorry if you're not actually french. ^^')

alex.zemouche7 years ago
A :

Pas de problème, et merci pour les adresses! j'avais besoin de rire ces temps-ci....

Q : favorite genre of music?
misterrtauzoo6 years ago
A : I don't have A favourite genre of music. But as a bass and guitar player, I love Rock (different types), Jazz, Trip Hop, Classical and celtic music sometimes (I don't play on it, but I have some personal tastes in it), funk, Hip Hop and Rap( Tupac, The Roots, Public Enemy, Biggie, etc...), and reggae. The only musics I dislike are current RnB, Dubstep and Folk; I am not really into folk music, I find it a bit boring (in my opinion, just saying).
Q :

Will you do a face reveal/QnA?

dead5dealer56 years ago
A :

Not directly, but I can PM you my photo if you ask. But I won't display my face publicly, to random people, you have to gain my trust first.

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