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From Anonymous Proxy, 21 years old.
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marques's Favorite Questions
Q : If you were in the holy grail war what route would you take?
mr_sharingan6 years ago
A :

I would either have the Servant Berserker, Archer, Saber or Rider. I would be as ruthless as Kiritsugu and make sure ALL the Masters and Servants are dead regardless of whether I knew them or not. In terms of Fate/stay night route wise, I don't know which route to take but maybe Unlimited Blade Works.

Q :

what is your greatest fear?

misterrtauzoo6 years ago
A :

My greatest fear? My greatest fear is to be left alone and forgotten forever, I guess. To be rejected and hated by those of society. I don't necessarily abide to society's "standards" but I don't want to be an infamous outcast. I want to be accepted by someone or some sort of group but I despise unnecessary attention. That is my greatest fear.

Q :

What do you want to do with your life?

2xd6 years ago
A :

I want to lead a productive life and settle with having a career as either a journalist, author or artist. I want to be a good author and publish books or be a storywriter for a medium like a videogame. Maybe something in the technology setting as well? To be honest, I don't exactly know what I want to do with my life but I know my needs and wants. I want move to a decent country, get a stable and enjoyable job, buy a house and just indulge in my hobbies until I die.

This is my life dream.

Q :

If you were a gym leader what type would you specialise in? What would your team be? And how would your gym look like?

ampharos5 years ago
A :

Woah, such an awesome question fam :o
Well for starters, I would be a fire-type gym leader that would have team that consists of:

Typhlosion (my signature Pokémon and darling <3)
Camerupt (with the Cameruptite for Mega Evolution :D)

My gym would have flaming lava and fiery stuff around it xD
It would look similar to a volcano or something.

Gym Leader Marques would like to challenge you to a battle :D

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