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From ガンダムファンタジー, 29 years old.
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About mdbr2
{People cannot choose the era or the world they were born in, but they can decide how to live their lives.} 「人は生まれる時代も、世界も選ぶことは出来ない。しかし、どう生きるかを決めることは出来る」
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mdbr2's Favorite Questions
Q : which do you prefer, wing or 00 ;D
callmesyn7 years ago
A : my vote goes to wing, 00 is my second favorite XD
Q : you watched gundam 00 isn't it awesome who's your fav character?
thedarksorceress7 years ago
A : My fav character of all time is Heero Yuy
but in 00 that role goes to Setsuna.F.Seiei XD
Q : hi there i was wondering when did you start watching Gundam? and which series you watched first ? and by the way awesome posts man hope you will keep that up
blue_flame7 years ago
A : My first was Gundam was Wing (which is also my favorite) and I watched it in sometime between 1999-2000.
and don't worry, I won't stop "Gundaming" MC XD
Q :

Quick question:
Wing, Heavyarms, Sandrock, Deathscythe or Shenlong?

Just curious, that's all... :D

A :

Zero :3

Q :

Hey mdbr2 let me ask you do you like the Nu gundam, or The Hi- Nu gundam, or Nu gundam HWS?

If you don't like any of these are you fegit?

mrchiron126 years ago
A :

I still didn't read the novels yet nor derped in MSV. so I'll go with Nu Gundam.
I always considered Hi-Nu to be a finished Nu Gundam, since in the movie it's said to be at 80% (if I remember correctly) :3

and yes, I'm a fegit, fegit

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