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From a really fucked up head, 27 years old.
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About meiji
Just your average guy trying to survive being an adult. Although I kinda discovered how fucked up my head really was from the moment I was in a plane and had nothing better to do but imagine stuff. So if any of you are telepaths, I recommend you guys stay away from my head, theres a lot of fucked up shits in there and you guys be all like: ------ ಠ_ಠ???
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meiji's Favorite Questions
Q : meiji did you write a post about you smelling your own when you were a kid? i am kind of get the alshaimers and i don't remember if i read that on 4chan or here...
Salvatore8 years ago
A : Yes I did, and I'm not ashamed of that
Q : Why are you not constantly getting featured? I mean you make some good shit anyway I followed you keep up the good work.
awesomeface28 years ago
A : daaaaaw~ Thanks for the compliment and for the follow (^_^)

and as for the feature, that's ok, I'm not here for the likes, I'm here for the lolz, I don't give a damn about being featured or not, I just want you guys to laugh, feel, cringe, or see something awesome
Q :

hello meiji , i read your comment about the CPR traing man you really ment by some sh-t but if i was you i would do one of the following:
1-become jim carrey and forget how to give a (f-word) or maybe say "is it wrong to do this with my bf" to make them lose thier sh-t lol
2-do what you did (getting embarassed and lave the last)

fatih.dziri8 years ago
A :

ahahaha, well, I had to confess that here on MC since it was quite funny :laughing:
and to answer your following suggestions:
1. I don't say the F word much since I don't swear a lot but I always give a (and no, I'm not going to say that because it's like adding fuel to the fire )
2. We actually chatted in the looker room since the guy is very talkative and waited until everyone leaves
3. nope
4. What do you mean by not having a male partner?????? I never even had a partner/mate before

Q :

if you only like men, why not femboys D:

fudge_packer7 years ago
A :

because femboys always have bigger wangs than I do making me insecure -_-

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