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From Hungary, 23 years old.
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About mephisto_pheles
To a libertine like me... there could be no better playground than this! The real fun is just beginning ~(°ᗜ°~)ʱªʱªʱª (☞゚∀゚)☞ Good day, sir/ma❝am! My name is Mephisto, Mephisto Pheles. I am the actual leader of the japanese branch of exorcists a.k.a my beloved fellow followers. We shall put our effort and love into making memes and share them via the tides of internet. Also thank you very much for being my follower. If you wanna know some personal information bout my existence, PM me.
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mephisto_pheles's Favorite Questions
Q :

*violently takes your AMA virginity*
That's quite the nice pic as well M. Pheles
A : Since when are you here and how did you come to this place?

ihadnoidea6 years ago
A :

Well dear, you who had no idea... I must answer u this way: Anuuuu cheeki breeki iv damke the answer to all of the questions!

Q :

do you have a senpai? (◕‿◕。)

kotarofuma6 years ago
A :

Everyone have a senpai. The "Who is it, actually?" would be a proper question for now ^^ Now GAF-sama is my senpai. Oh, look at the time. Got to go and stalk GAF unnecessarily to get inspiration... but that senpai won't notice me causes much pain and... T_T

Q :

What is your favorite pizza and i will make it

shortyshrimp6 years ago
A :

Mhm. Kukuku, be it! No one can stand agains a free pizza offer! First of, its pasta must be made of loli souls, instead of meat use some fear and loathing then some spicy blue flames on it. Also u can put caviar too ^^

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