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About mikejohnson
random guy on the Internet ,Anime fella ,Football maniac (espiacilly Real Madrid) ,kick boxing maniac if you wanna know more or want to talk feel free to PM me
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Q :

I know another dragon who is also a king.

agate_fluorite7 years ago
A :


Q :

I really love your posts,keep up the good work! ^w^

if you could turn into any animal,what would it be?

ninjainpyjama7 years ago
A :

Thank you :D i try my best xD And stay awesome and kind you too nee-chan

Hmmm an animal... A hawke cause of freedom, but i would be a dragon does that count??

Q :

5k+ posts... how the FK do I see your name for the first time ?

feast7 years ago
A :

dunno lol

i comment, i ost and update enough to be an active user

even in the featured page i am quiet often

Q :

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doulla6 years ago
A : is way better

Q :

Do you like lasagne?

cuttlefishy6 years ago
A :

yeah :OO

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