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From United States, 24 years old.
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About missinglync
Computer art maker, Momentgrapher, Ukulelist, Chef de cuisine, Fashionholic, and a Blind Man who can now see.
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Q : What tool you are using for drawing
sarunas128 years ago
A : I use a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, and I draw with Photoshop CS6. :D
Q : what's your favorite anime? (asuming you watch)
kirito8 years ago
A : Ohh that's hard I have so many! My top would be One Piece, Gintama, Hunter X Hunter, Hitman Reborn, Shingeki no Kyojin, Sword Art Online, and Magi. I seen so many, but I would say these are my favorties. :D
Q : How did the idea of using that "crumpled paper" look come to you? That is really a distinctive feature which helps recognizing your art immediately. I quite like it =D
roskildevej8 years ago
A : Well when I first learned how to apply textures to my drawings, I always experimented. And like the only what I colored was pretty much using textures xD. So when I first used the paper texute it just made it pop out and really stand out, and to me it has a really unique feel to it. Pretty much since then I always used it. And i'm glad it is distinctive I was going for that, also I appreciate that you like it. Thank for the question :D!
Q : It's almost two weeks since your last post, how come you never post again? I always like your creativity dude :D
gin_pratama8 years ago
A : I'm not really sure, I just really haven't had much of a drive and push I guess, also I have had summer assignments, so I been focusing on that. But mainly I have been going places, and doing more things now. And I appreciate it really means a lot!
Q : Im seriously sincerely glad that you are back
Could it get any more awesome??!
snajath8 years ago
A : Aww thanks Snaj, I missed you man D:! I'm glad to be back, and who knows it could? :]
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