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About motorbreath
if you love metal, rock, punk, alternative music, well... then you came to the right page \m/
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motorbreath's Favorite Questions
Q :

Am I right in think that your favourite band is Metallica ?

ichhabdeinauto6 years ago
A :

yeas metallica is my favorite band :)

Q :

when did you discover metal

mr.skeltal6 years ago
A :

when i was a very young kid i was raised alot by mi uncle he played the role of my father my hole life and he was a huge metal and rock fan so i grew up listening too metallica, u2, scorpions, whitesnake, limp bizkit, korn and the list goes on, when i was 2 my grandmother bought me a drum kit so from a very early age i listen too metal its like a part of who i am.

Q :

What are your Top 10 Favourite Bands?
My Top 10:
1) AC/DC
2) Black Sabbath
3) Metallica
4) Ramones
5) Green Day
6) Dio
7) Megadeth
8) Nirvana
9) Judas Priest
10) System Of A Down

It was hard to make this list :P I love all these bands and alot of other bands to squeeze them in a top 10.
I really enjoy your posts, Keep it up! \m/

victhetwinkie6 years ago
A :

my top 10 bands are:
2) Megadeth
2) Anthrax
3) Guns n Roses
4) Misfits
5) Pantera
6) Van halen
7) Jimi Hendrix
8) Dio
9) Motorhead
10) Slayer

This was defenetly hard to make, but those are my top 10 favorite bands.
Thank you for the support my metal brother \m/

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