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From Philippines, 20 years old.
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About mugetsuyarida
If ur Hispanic,Filipino,Spanish or Asian....U know how to pronounce my name If ur Aryan,Slav or any kind of race....its pronounced as: MOO-GET-SUU. An aspiring dickhead that has this WIP Light Novel from the Pearl of le Orient Seas (search for it if u dont kno) Also an Otaku and ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)-artist (currently cant post my drawing to MC because I am waiting my drawingpad tho) HAVE A NICE DAY(OR NIGHT,)!! *FLIES AWAY* Oh....and If you need an Artillery strike....Tomahawk strikes or Bomb runs...Ive got yer back,son.
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Q :

How do you make such funny and original content?

villain3 years ago
A :

Oh, Hello!
If I am using my Smertphone...I use Memegenerator, ImageCombiner and Look of Disapproval....and I also use my phone to upload stuff *desktop mode* because the internet in my feeble, tropical contry is too damn expensive.......
Also I am a ....*traitoral cough* 9gag user...

Q :

How long have you been here?

A :

Just two weeks ago m8,

but surfing this site since 2013. I've know GearBoy, Justwantingtohelp, and some Legendary Artists

I want to have a gud timing to make a MC account 'cause the net here in my country is sooooo bad back then and I aint have either a phone or a pc until Dec 2016
Da was the time my mother(an OFW in Oxfordshire,UKay) went homeo for a vacation and gave me a S7edge(y) and my Laptop...also I moved from the city to a subdivision uphills, which gave me a better internet

Q :

putang ina mo :3

noisykiller123 years ago
A :

Punyeta (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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