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About mustapan
Infinite sadness becomes ultimate wisdom.
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mustapan's Favorite Questions
Q : Whats your favourite Video Game franchise?
failblitz9 years ago
A : I love Player Versus Player games. I am addicted to competition because i love humiliation. Street Fighter 3rd Strike , Dota , Fifa series after 2011, Pes series before 2011, Mortal Kombat 3 & Trilogy, Wii Sports Golf .
I don't like MMORPGs because MMORPG means : " The one who spends more time, wins". And I have a life , i can't competite on them :) For single player games , my fav is God Of War. And maybe World Of Goo.
Q : Is your name Mustafa
wallnutcracker8 years ago
A : my name is Mustafa and sirname is Elit, if you re-arrange the letters you can get " I am Tasteful " COINCINDENCE ? I THINK NOT!
Q : what do you think about the new transfers ?
pana908 years ago
A : I was expecting to watch the Falcao on Champions Leauge this year, it was kinda disappointing for me to watch him sign with Monaco. Mourinho did well, Willian contra against Liverpool - Totthenham. Also Eto'o was a good decision. The most funny one to watch was Arsen Wenger, you know 9 seasons without cups & flash transfers. I was expecting a great transfer from him but Mesut Ozil was beyond my imagination!
Q : Have you had bad experiences with religion?
ekaf8 years ago
A : not with religion, with fanatics.
Q : don't take this personally, but it must be asked
your frequent grammar mistakes, do they happen just because you don't care, or are you unable to talk English to a perfect extent?
huleyn8 years ago
A : I for one, think that as long as you can describe yourself fully, speak out your thoughts on this international highway of information, and make it clear to the people you're addressing, it doesn't MATTER if you state it in perfect English. Think about it this way: you find yourself in a beach talking to a beautiful French girl who can't speak English all that well... Will her lack of mastery of the English language be a problem for you? NO.
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