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From Croatia, 165 years old.
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About nikola_tesla
In reality, I adopted this alias to pay tribute to my childhood hero and idol. With a PhD in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, A Master's in Microbiology, A PhD in Biochemistry, and a Master's in Genetic Engineering, I am ready to launch an infor-meme-tive campaign, designed to share knowledge to the public in a simple and easy-to-comprehend fashion, without the technical jargon.
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Q :

With that many PHDs I'm wondering what you work as and how you find time to talk to is on do you plan on creating a death ray (joke)

xxrandomxx7 years ago
A :

I teach as a Biology Professor at the University I graduated from, and I enjoyed sites like this before I graduated (9gag). I found memecenter, and, donning the alias of my idol, made an account. And yes, I actually already have, funny that you should ask. It uses a cathode and a laser to ionize gases in the air in a relatively linear fashion. Then, introduce heat, and it converts into plasma, which arcs down the ionic path at my target, effectively toasting it with about 133 Amps.

Q :

Hey there, genius. What do you think about building up an Iron Man armor? Are you up for it? Do you think it's possible? From genius to genius, regards.


anthonystark7 years ago
A :

Well, if it isn't Howard's boy! Yes, of course it's possible, however It would necessitate energy levels well into the terrawatts to sustain itself, which would mean a massive power supply. That aside, I foresee no hindrance, although I would replace the "rockets" which require hefty amounts of fuel, with an electromagnetic ioniser, of which would generate a magnetic field around the entire suit overall, inducing repulsion.

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