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From United States, 32 years old.
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About nineteenletterslong
My name is Brian, I like making comics. "Nineteen Letters Long" is nineteen letters long!
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Q : Don't get the wrong impression from this question, but, we've had a lot of artists come here to promote themselves, and then leave after a month or two, are you one of these people? Or are you here to stay? Either way your humor is awesome.
shanaro7 years ago
A : Hey shanaro, I'm glad you enjoy my comics. I actually really like this site. I think the whole profile/following aspect of this site is pretty neat and unique. It doesn't surprise me that people would come to promote their stuff, you see that all over popular funny image sites. My philosophy on all the different social media stuff is that it's about sharing comics. I rarely use them for posting links to my site, I just like seeing people enjoying what I do. So count me in, I'm a Memecenterer.
Q : Just a question that I think of a lot, why did you start drawing and what is your reason to keep going?
Just curious is all.
whatever098367 years ago
A : That's a good question. I've always been into art. I started drawing when I was a kid, but I moved on to other stuff. I ended up getting my degree in graphic design, but now I don't really enjoy design anymore. When I started this comic, I felt like I really sucked. But after seeing people laugh and seeing the internet's response, I was hooked. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm getting there. I just like seeing people enjoy what I'm doing, and that's what motivates me to keep going
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