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nottus's Favorite Questions
Q : Please come back dude your my inspiration me on memecenter? PLEASE?

P.S. Not trying to sound overly attached.
malcolm699 years ago
A : no, i will return in a fiery blaze of glory at the end of august to fill you with joy, laughter, and an awkwardly romantic attachment to all things nottus.

P.S. -youre overly attached worship pleases me
Q : where are going anyway? august still 2 month away
arzare8 years ago
A : My father locked me in a tower while I await my gallant prince, but that sh*t takes too long so I'm braiding my back hair to make a rope and escape, which will take another 2 months.
Q : You are taking your time coming back. We need another memecentian to stir up trouble here. Now it's all about Raze/Gaf/Vlade/Gearboy, we need Nottus. :(
foo8 years ago
A : While working on a vaccine to be a cure-all for any virus, some of the sample was leaked & infected my coworkers turning them into zombies! We've locked down the military base so no one could get out, but so many have turned...Now it's just a small group of us against a hoard of the undead! I'd have been done months ago if they weren't all, "humanity, humanity! you shouldn't laugh when you use a chainsaw to kill your undead coworkers! boo hoo"...I'm contemplating a team kill
Q : well, well, well, looks who's back from the death, how you been doing buddy?, has Cam discovered your page yet?
alexander938 years ago
A : Never! I will take this to my grave. I'd be easier to find good p*rn using internet explorer than for Cam to discover nottusy awesomeness
Q : I need soup! Where do i get some?
wacky-waldo8 years ago
A : get your favorite food and just add water
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