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From Philippines, 26 years old.
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About omgimawriter
Hybrid Memecenter user who posts original comics, memes, and completely random shizz
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omgimawriter's Favorite Questions
Q : Hey you're pretty awesome c: I like your comics :3 so here's a question. What kind of music do you listen to? :o
analolumadbro8 years ago
A : <("^w^) daaaawwww... i'm not that great... but thanks for your compliments~

I listen to a lot of music... a little bit of everything...

My playlists are full of punk rock, alt rock, R&B, EMO... like Simple Plan, MCR, BLG, FoB, FM Static, RJA, The Downtown Fiction, Linkin Park, Mayday Parade...

When I'm on the verge of depression I listen to Indie like Imagine Dragons, Passion Pit... songs like Pumped Up Kicks and Banana Pancakes... you know

And when I am depressed, I listen to anime songs...
Q : How did you get Karumen to follow you?
blaze08 years ago
A : Karu once made a post saying don't be ashamed about your art style and I commented that this post inspired me to make my own comics... So she read my first posts and said that she likes where I'm going so far... and that's how she started following me...
Q : Your drawings are totally digital, right? Ever thought about drawing old school?
jonaszimmerart8 years ago
A : I have a lot of pencil drawings lying around but I'm just too lazy to scan them and I think it'd be more appropriate to upload art stuff on my deviantart page instead of here. Recently I just drew Lagann. The first mecha I've ever sketched. (I've drawn some original mech ideas before.)
Q : what is your favourite anime and game?
A : I love a lot of games and my love for each varies greatly. I felt the same about anime until I started watching TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN. :D I love this anime so much, it's the only anime I've rewatched more than twice. I watch it when i'm sick and when i'm healthy. I watch it in good times and in bad. After watching this anime the whole 9 hours, I gain a burst of Spiral Energy that makes me feel positive about everything. I'm currently rewatching it with my best friend's little brother :)
Q : So, were you born in the Philippines or did you move here?
droq04158 years ago
A : I was born and raised in Saudi for 16 years...
My parents are Filipino
My dad brags about having Spanish genes
My mother tongue is American English
While in Saudi, i did not learn Arabic, I learned Japanese
Currently in college here in the Philippines...
Planning to continue studying in America
Planning to work in America...

That's about it :)
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