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About orangemelon
Sorry for giving you all the middle finger when I left. Guess I am a massive cunt
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orangemelon's Favorite Questions
Q :

What is your Favorite anime? and Why?

A :

Well, I would say Akame ga Kill!, but the last few episodes differed very much from the Original (Manga), which I didn't like. And on top of that my favourite Character died
But back to your question. There are a few which I like very much, like Ranma 1/2, Fairy Tail (my fav Manga btw), Gundam Wing, etc
But my favourite Anime is Hataraku Maou-sama, because it's very funny and the few battles they have are just awesome! Sadly it only has 12 eps and I hope ther'll be a 2nd season ^-^

Q :

if you had to choose between becoming a pilot and being a mc admin
who are the users you're gonna feature everyday, and what are the new rules ? :P

doulla7 years ago
A :

Funny thing is, I always wanted to be a Pilot xP
But I think that won't work out, since I can't affort the license, but oh well
If I'd be an Admin, I'd feature the best content, not just user specific (but if I had to choose users, then the ones in my following list ^^)
New rules... Hmmm... I guess I wouldn't announce it, the Ban all the users who don't follow them!
Nah, just kidding ^^
I don't think I would make some new rules, I think the current ones aren't bad

Q : Do you take the time to get to know more about your followers from time to time or just anyone in general that would interest you?

shadow-nine6 years ago
A :

Well, I always check the profile of everyone who follows me and if I find something in a Post or the 'About Me' stuff that catches my eye, I just ask a question or comment on one Meme or something like that
So you could say, I'm interested in everyone who's interested in the suff I make :3
And in some cases a friendship grew out of the comments/qustions I asked

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