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About penzilla
Making those sweet comics for yall. New stuff is on its way. Follow me on tumblr if you got those kinds of habits.
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penzilla's Favorite Questions
Q : HOLD THE PHONE! Are you really danish?
hase8 years ago
A : Ja hr. det er korrekt, så dansk som lego og rugbrød :)
Q : I'm gonna ask you something why does your character look familiar looks like PB and if it is I think I'm gonna be so spumow!! and are those on your backround gunther,ginther,gounther,guunther etc.?
jema55558 years ago
A : Okay, I get this a lot. I like adventure time, but, but! before I even knew about all that jazz, I had pink hair, have had it for a while. and the penguin is a joke, because my boyfriend is socially akward (and penguins are like super cool and evil to), so that's mostly to troll him. That my characters look like peeps from adventure time, is just becouse I've adopted the style :)
Q : What is your average time consumption for you to finish one comic?
matoyg8 years ago
A : well, that depends on the comic, but I don't use to long, they are fairly easy to make, so I save my energy to bigger projects and work (wich is also drawing). I would say maybe 20 - 40 minuts to draw em, and then the time it take to come up with the idea :)
Q : hey zilla...your comics are the bees knees! wanted to ask, do your jimmies get rustled easily?
unknownjedi8 years ago
A :
Q : why are you so cute?
bepe8 years ago
A :
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