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About revvy
hardcore anime and manga fan(◕‿◕✿)....I love dark themed and badass stuff!! I usually post all kinds of random shit but mostly anime related stuff!! Thanx for stopping by minna-san~! ^_^
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revvy's Favorite Questions
Q : I don't wanna sound like Dr. Oak, but are you a boy or a girl?
matoyg8 years ago
A : I am a girl.. ^_^
Q : Your cover photo... I know that feel. I can't go a day without anime :3. and by the way where is your character Revy from?
banaan1018 years ago
A : hahaha...she's from the anime black lagoon! ^_^ (she is so badass)
Q : woww just saw you page on deviantart..your drawings are awesome why not make some comics ? i'm people will like them
pana908 years ago
A : hahaha really? Thanx I am glad you like them.But I use only reference pics to draw and I have no creativity when it comes to drawing.All I can do is look at something and try to draw it as similarly as possible.Yes, that's the lame and weird revvy for you :P hahahaha but thanx again!! means a lot <3
Q : Wow ! O_O i Just Checked Your Page And I Have To Say Your Posts Are Super Awesome ^_^ You Got Yourself A New Follower :D
ahad.sikhaki8 years ago
A : D'aaw thanx so much!! I am glad you like my posts!! ^_^
OMG!! YAY!!! I love your posts too!!! Keep being awesome yo!! :D
Q : Where's Roanapur?
smartpig8 years ago
A : It's a fictional city based in thailand in the anime Black Lagoon...full of crime,thugs,drug dealers, mafia etc... And well my profile icon is a character from tht show and lives there ^_^

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