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From United States, 30 years old.
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About scienceporn
This is based off the twitter account ( Not run by the same people. All credit to them. The majority of the pictures I get for my picture compilations come from them All of my compilations/facts I make on my own. Most of the GIF's and Videos I upload are not mine, just thing I thought were neat and wanted to share with my followers.
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Q : no question here, but a suggestion.
your science роrn isn't hardcore enough (trust me, I am a scientist). if I may suggest, it'd be a good idea for you to follow the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science on facebook (or check out the official site) for some cool science facts and new findings.
jayo_9118 years ago
A : Thank you for your suggestion. The page has many interesting topics, but at the moment it isn't tangent with what I am working with. At this moment I am just trying to get people interested, by showing them the cool parts of science, and some fun facts about. Maybe in the future I will include news about research and experiments. I plan on expanding what I show here a whole lot, things like technology, chemistry, physics, etc. Also I disagree with the way the RDFRS handles religious views.
Q : Your memes are awesome, but there is something I have been wondering about.
When you made your username, did you misspell corn, with a p?
mirawennem8 years ago
A : No, I meant it to be that. My name was inspired by the guy on twitter with that name. We are not the same guy, but he inspired me to bring it over here to Memecenter, and you should really check out his page on twitter. He puts a lot of stuff their that I can't fit here on Memecenter.
Q : How Did You Come Up with The Name science****?
ariellapuz138 years ago
A : I actually didn't come up with it. There is this guy on twitter with the name, and he always tweets these interesting things about science. It inspired me to make this account and spread the knowledge! Originally all of my posts were just things I took off that page, now I use stuff from other places, or from off the top of my head, but about 45-50% of my stuff I source off their page.****
Q : How many people organize this account actually? And I think you're still drunk...
asdfkitten118 years ago
A : Nah, I'm not a heavy drinker, just on special occasions. (Like my friends 21st birthday.)

And I'm the only who runs this account. There is a twitter account with the same name as me, due to the fact that they are the ones who inspired me to make this account, and maybe more than one person runs that account, but for this one I'm the only person with access to the account.
Q : You really,really like corn eh?
A :
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