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From United Kingdom, 29 years old.
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sparkydoodles's Favorite Questions
Q : hey sparkydoodles i totally love your art style , so here is my questions.

1) what is influence of your art syle?
2) were you posting in 9gag before? If yes then why did you leave it?
3) do hate Tidus from final fantasy X?
4) why does your comics kick ass?
shadowrook8 years ago
A : First of all, thank you.

1) I don't have an influence, I just doodled a comic once on paper and decided to make it the exact same way on my laptop, I just stuck to the style
2) Originally, yes. I found Memecenter and I saw such a huge difference in the community so I left 9GAG and haven't visited it since.
3) Nah, I enjoyed FFX quite a lot so I have no reason to hate Tidus
4) I just makes what is on my mind, as true or as random as I want without fear of what people think about them
Q : Hello sparkydoodles, first thing first, i really like your comics and your humor! Since i'm already here, i'm gonna ask some questions.
Do you have any favorite anime?
How did you found memecenter?
How long does it take you to make one average comic?
What is your opinion about cheese?

That would be all. Good luck with your future comics!
tikitik8 years ago
A : Thanks!
My favourite anime is Death Note
Jonas Zimmer told me about it
It takes between 15 minutes to an hour depending on what I'm doing
I love cheddar cheese!!!!!!
Q : Where can i find the shirt you were wearing in this video
energybeam8 years ago
A :
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