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About sunnyluvdayz
Monocle + Mustache[(FMA x FMAB) + (Irrelevant FMA gifs² x ∑Random FMA Spamming)] + Weeabooism = Sunnyluvdayz
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sunnyluvdayz's Favorite Questions
Q : How did you feel the first time watching FMA(or reading for that matter), for example did it take you awhile to get into the story. And what about the story got you into it, it seems to atleast be your fav anime if I was to guess?

(and yeah! Your first question! xD)
A : I loved FMA immediately. It has this unique mixture of comedy, drama, and life lessons, but most importantly, I love it because of the main character. Edward was scarred throughout his entire life, he had every right to give up and sulk. But instead, I watched him become stronger and wiser each step he took across the river of blood. It blew my mind. Before I knew it, he developed into the hero of Amestris we know today.

It’s amazing, he’s amazing, everything’s amazing. That’s why I love FMA :)
Q : o m g sunny i wanna achieve the full metal alchemist thing too
A : Oh? You wish to do alchemy? Too bad a commoner like you would never exceed such limits. However... I believe that sturdy arm and leg of yours would be sufficient as a price. What do you say?
Q : Out of curiosity, what do you prefer, FMA or FMA Brotherhood?
gotera28 years ago
A : OH THIS AGAIN. It depends on what area you're talking about. Personally, artwork's definitely Brotherhood with the details and effects. Character development and depth is on the original (Nina died too quickly in Brotherhood and important minor characters lacked love). Storyline? Both. The original's more sweet and comical, while Brotherhood was a little more deep and dark. I like both, like I like both disney and bloody action. But I think the one superior over both is the mighty MANGA.
Q : why are you a boy on ur profile.................
A : Shhhhh.... Let me fit in..... Must not reveal my secret identity....
Q : i miss you.
staple7638 years ago
A : AWWWW!! I miss you too!! Message me anytime if you want to talk to me :3
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