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About switzerland
As if theres anything to find, out in that desolate void. We are already living on the most attractive planet known to mankind that shelters us from cosmic radiation, meteors, and dangers innumerable. It offers us freely nutrients, food, endless oceans, gravity, companions, music and beauty beyond comprehension. The most precious blue jewel, that glimmers brightly through the solar system and beyond. As if I would ever leave this heavenly paradise for some god-forsaken, dead, lifeless rock. Humanity has a tough lesson to learn, but only then will it be able to ease the restlessness and greed poisoning its heart that always seems to yearn for more. The truth is, we are the wealthiest in the known universe, and we dont even realize it. We must look deep into ourselves, see this planet, truly see it, as if for the first time - and finally find harmony and peace where it all begins: at home.
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switzerland's Favorite Questions
Q :

ahoy! how fare thee in the land of chocolate?

Q: What anime was your first one to watch, ever?

erhamion952 years ago
A :

Spiritied away :D

Q :

Are you the one? ♡

shortyshrimp2 years ago
A :
Q :

150th question yey

404nousernameabout a year ago
A :

Gratz fam I'll favourite this for you

Q :

Favorite GoT characters? ;o

mrsakataabout a year ago
A :

Bran, Cersei, Clegane and the Night's King now :T

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