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About symage
This is my profile, thank you for your visit Huskies and Politicans need to stay out and my cover photo is by ros-kovac
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symage's Favorite Questions
Q : How did you gets the @verified trophy? If you can't remembery then its ok
mrchrisrocks238 years ago
A : I made my account and I get the trophy, I think
Q : How old are you? I can't trust that you're only 5 lol.
prtluvable8 years ago
A : I'm actually not really 5.(Surprising, eh?)And I actually don't want to share my age on the internet.Sorry
And I wrote that I am 5 because I thougt I wouldn't see the nsfw posts.
I have made a huge mistake D:
Q : wow so many trophies, how did you do that?
hano_boi8 years ago
A : Haha! trophy
Like 1000 posts
Green trophy
Search drugs
Search Legolas , like something refresh page
Damn! trophy
Search something like: asadfs or tzcff
Holy shit! trophy
Search holy shit
Headbanger trophy
Search Rammstein, like somethin and refresh the page
Gimli trophy
Search Gimli , like something refresh page
Fapper trophy
Search ,,****''
Frodo trophy
Search Frodo , like something refresh page
@ verefied trophy
Verefie with your emali adress
Q : Did you know that defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier?
quocalimar8 years ago
A : A wise kangaroo told it
Q : How you got level 21 so fast?or maybe i just din't see that -.-
barrelsthepewdie8 years ago
A : Comments, posts, comments, followers, posts, comments...
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