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About tauzoo
From time to time I'll visit a user's ama (ask me anything section) to leave comments or ask simple, stupid, or strange questions. Feel free to pm me or drop a comment/question in my ama. I do enjoy drawing certain things and gaming from time to time. Favorite genre of movies is horror. I also watch some anime if I have the time.
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tauzoo's Favorite Questions
Q :

What are some things that make you angry?

A :

-When people blame me for something I didn't do
-When people leave others out
-When I'm peeing and I think I'm done; then I tuck my penis inside my pants....BUT THEN the piss stream starts up again....

Q :

You're awesome man, you ask stuff on literally everyone's AMA, encouraging them to be more active on here! You just earned a new follower you ***y sonnuva*****.

derpland7 years ago
A :

Gracias sirs. Hope we can be great friends.

Q :

Okay, let me have another try: what was the most interesting reaction you ever received for a question on somebody's AMA? ^^

ratdragon7 years ago
Q :

What's your weapon of choice?

rehorkullervo7 years ago
A :

Whatever this thing is.

Q : Who are you?
zoeynovix8 years ago
A :

I guy who wants to find new friends ._., watches anime, draws, likes nature, and watches ****ed up stuff when he's bored...

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