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From Pakistan, 22 years old.
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14 billion people. 7 billion nipples
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Q : Holy sh*t your memes are funny, keep posting you make great memes. Why are you not featured more often!?
alistair.wegiel8 years ago
A : OMG you cannot imagine how happy that makes me thank you as for the featuring you'd have to ask ben
Q : Wow your SUCH a great user and you have inspired me to carry on with meme making even though I'm terrible at computer art! thank you so much! But the one thing I wonder is... how do you NOT constantly get featured!? If I were an admin, you would be on top of my list! sorry for the long 'question', but thank you. You've been such an inspiration to me ;)
nyasha13dr8 years ago
A : dude this is what i live for awesome people like you

thank you thank you thank you so much for saying that i should get constantly featured i appreciate it
you just made my day good sir
Q : So tell me, why is your dark magic so powerful??!
snajath8 years ago
A : Because I use real and authentic ingredients for my spells and stuff like human souls that's why!
Q : you make great meme's! i love them,but it's a real pity dat u don't get featured much.... btw here i confess to you that ur awesome
lea.parrot.18 years ago
A : OMG you are so awesome and Thank you for saying that ! You just made my day! here is kiss for you're awesome self (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)
Q :

k you're really awesome and you're one of my favorite users a lot of people have said it so it might not feel so good anymore but there i said it

and also when did people start calling you tsundere i never payed attention to that

senpaitouchme7 years ago
A :

omg thank you it feels just as good as the first time someone might have said they find me awesome
thanks you you made my day ^_^
also i don't even when it all happened lol

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