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From United States, 27 years old.
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About theomnipresentnerd
I am a Nerd and a Pervert. I also make a lot of lewd jokes ..............Fantastic.
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theomnipresentnerd's Favorite Questions
Q :

I am glad that I was one of your tenth follower, because right now, I'm seeing you grow….
Man.. it's like seeing a fawn starting to stand up for the first time ;___;

therpggamer7 years ago
A :

I know, thank you. I'm surprised at how far I've come, I originally didn't think I would make it past level 5, have more than 10 posts, or have any followers at all. I figured I would just be be a ghost user who would occasionally make a comment here and there, but never really become noticed. But boy was I wrong, I've really enjoyed this site more than I thought I would. :) Although lately I've become a bit arrogant on here too so I've got to watch myself. (to be continued...)

Q :

show me your collar bones

captainwar7 years ago
A :

Do you like what you see? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Q :

It's because of Mysterious Girlfriend X that we met each other, I love you man.

daaubrey7 years ago
A :

I love you too. Have you seen the other users yet who also like it?

Q :

you made great oc,dude. you deserved more followers

darthsandstorm7 years ago
A :
Q :

What's your fav Loli :) ?

alucard24015 years ago
A :

< this one. She's from a doujin called "That Girl is an Urban Legend"

Ever heard of it?

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