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From United States, 25 years old.
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About traumacenter
[Verse 1] Someone please help, I'm drowning in bitches Yeah, last dude with that problem was left gasping for stitches You stupid dense, get off the fence Fuck your sister or your girlfriend Can't have both, no offense You're like a bad rash; Every time I try and leave you You pop up in some bullshit anime preview Two years worth of semen Condensed into two seasons Why I'm only watching because of two reasons You encourage bad habits in the anime nation The same with VNs, light novels and other crappy adaptations As if the market isn't stacked and already thick with saturation While artists are forced to take to nations just to fill their aspirations I'm a simple man, with some retarded complications Like, I don't much care for Type Moon but I love Ufotable I only watch so much anime because I can't afford cable [Verse 2] I'm not the best at what I do I ain't saying I'm better than you But whose dick do I got to suck to get a worthwhile season 2 It's nutzo, I'm donezo Guess I know most my words don't even rhyme and I don't give a fuckzo I'm a guy who passes out at ten and wakes up at seven All is not right, God is not in his heaven Cowboy Bebop is overrated, no shit when you're an 11 Animation's close to death Take a breath, cause we're all drowning in CG, bad music and generic Rom-coms While I'm still waiting on a show that caters to to my fetish of monster girl soccer moms [Verse 3] I can't take two steps without someone asking me about No Game No Life Which is more than just an accurate summarization of my sex life It's a shit show for shit dudes with shit taste who hate boobs, so fuck you That's not true, I'm sorry, It's okay so far But certainly not substantial enough to raise the bar and I think that's the issue We're content with "okay", it will never go away So as long as we support the poison of the industry today Miyazaki may be a jerk, but listen to what he has to say We ruined anime, "otaku" drop the ball Now we gotta sit back and hope that Kickstarter can save us all
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