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From United States of America, 20 years old.
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About tryolo
The Alpha of Awe. The Brute of Brawn. The Cultivator of Class. The Duke of Domination. The Emperor of Eloquence. The Fiercest of Fighters. The Greatest of Glory. The Height of Heroism. The Imperator of Intellectualism. The Jarl of Justice. The King of Knights. The Lord of Loquaciousness. The Master of Mortality. The Naysayer of Noobs. The Overlord of Obituaries. The Prince of Passion. The Que-hagen of Quixote. The Ruler of Ruination. The Sultan of Smite. The Taskmaster of Trembles. The Undertaker of Ubiquity. The Vaeyen of Vociferousness. The Warranter of Weaklings. The Xenophobe of Xenogeny. The Yardmaster of Yesteryear. The Zhar of Zoroastrianism. THE INDOMITUS REX THE ALPHA OF ALPHAS THE KING OF KINGS THE LORD OF LORDS THE JUSTICIAR OF JUSTICE CHADREN THE GRAY APEXPREDATORren the MASCULINE GRIPren the CRUSHING INSURMOUNTABLEren the UNSURPASSABLE INDOMITABLEren the UNYIELDING AESTHETICren the BEAUTIFUL SWOLEren the RIPPED TANKren the RESOLUTE PHYSICALLYIMPOSINGren the INTIMIDATING GLAREren the DOMINEERING JUGGERNAUGHTren the UNSTOPPABLE DISCIPLINEDren the ENLIGHTENED ZENren the SPIRITUAL POTENTren the VIRILE ALMIGHTYren the INVINCIBLE VALORren the DAUNTLESS IMPERIOUSren the DOMINATOR INVICTUSren the ETERNAL MAELSTROMren the TITANIC QUAKEren the SPACE-TIME SHAKING COLOSSUSren the LEVIATHAN BEHEMOTHren the MASTODONIC MONSTERren the TERRIFYING LORDren the KING DEITYren the CHRIST CRIMSONren the LEGEND SUPERNOVAren the TRANSIENT RENCHAD THE JI JICHAD THE REN RENCHAD THE CHAD KINGCHAD THE LORDGRAY THE CHAD OF CHADS ENCHAD CHADREN CHADCHAD CHADCHAD CHA CHAD ENTER CHADREN
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Q :


nobody..5 years ago
A :
Q : u like men cause i can offer u two tickets to the local neko yaoi fox bar and we can hang out and know each other?

vistlip5 years ago
A :
Q :

Get out of my closet!

dead5dealer55 years ago
A :


Q :

on a scale of 1 - 10 how much do you like teen gohan

drugsallen5 years ago
A :
Q :

just end my suffering and grant me eternal rest

zombiehunter8374 years ago
A :

Sorry sir, we're closed

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