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About unhealthy
Thank you for those two years, Memecenter. Even if the first year was a lot better than the second. (EDIT: while I was having a chat with someone I realized that my quit post was kind of cringy so thats deleted)
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unhealthy's Favorite Questions
Q : something tells me that you are a metalhead...
scarr8 years ago
A : Your job here is done.
Q : Unhealthy i just wanted to say i ****ing love you, you are the best memecenter poster ever.
brandonleejones8 years ago
A : Oh. My. God. :D
Q : Do you like any other rock genres and what is your favourite band?
epad20138 years ago
A : Well I used to listen to the Doors, but that's as far away as I got from pure metal. Even within metal itself, I tend to focus on thrash and 80's heavy, only occasionally going as far as glam, power and black metal. So I really don't have much variety in my tastes.
As for a favorite band, I've never been able to choose one. It actually depends on when you ask; right now, it's Deströyer666, before that it used to be Lynx, before that it used to be Fog of War, etc. I don't really have a favorite.
Q : bro, it's time to tell us what's your all-time favorite comic book or graphic novel ( top 3 if you'll be so kind...)
fraterbbobbo7 years ago
A : Well you see, when you're able to name favourites, it means you're unexperienced... which is why I do indeed have favourites X)

1. Blacksad (my cover pic), technically furry but far from pretty gay wolves.
2. the Technopriests (weird as **** but it has the best art I've ever seen), this series is so deep it changed the way I consider the universe and mankind. 'Nuff said.
3. the Aldebaran series (picture), it's a pretty large sci-fi series and it's where I learnt to draw from.
Q :

so unhealthy are you unhealthy?

mysteryguy7 years ago
A :

I don't know what you're talking about.

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