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From Anonymous Proxy, 22 years old.
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About vitellius1000
When you tear out a mans tongue you are not proving him a liar, youre only telling the world that you fear what he might say- Tyrion Lannister
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vitellius1000's Favorite Questions
Q :

your favourite anime trap or loli or ecchi?

since your ama is pretty lonely

zairoga23about a year ago
A :

Favourite trap: Alois Trancy from Black Butler season 2

Q :

Are you straight or bisēxual?

switzerlandabout a year ago
A :

why would you like to know ^_^?

It's actually a hard question to answer. I guess i just like attractive, thin and feminin pepole. That is usually girls, both irl and in anime for me, but i do like to look at and being around good looking guys, but actually wanting/imagining any romatic relationship is rare for me. But as i said i like the femininity, if a had to choose between a girls with wide hips and large breast and a thin young guy... well it doesn't matter, low chance of that dilemma

Q :

Komaeda is bae

zairoga23about a year ago
A :

I fell in love with him too <3

Q : Best anime of all time for you?
iihxuntedabout a year ago
A :

I am quite sure Code Geass is my favorite. I have watched it several times

Q : From which anime / Manga is that person on your profile pic?
abdulgeeabout a year ago
A :

It's Oluo Bozado from attack on titan. Why i chose him i don't know. Maybe i wanted to seem mature

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