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About xoid
Graphic designer / illustrator [ im not shortyshrimp i swear ]
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xoid's Favorite Questions
Q :

Is there a specific program you use for your designs?

bmoore7976 years ago
A :

For MC i usually use Paint.NET and for professional work i use both Photoshop and illustrator.

Q :

Awesome work, dude!

sparkydoodles6 years ago
A :

Thanks m8 :D And you too

Q :

Not really question but you are really awesome :D

shortyshrimp7 years ago
A :

Thanks man , you're awesome too :D

Q :

(I know this isn't a question but please read)
Xoid, i myself am a graphic designer.. a beginner though (started November 2013).
One day i want to become a graphic designer like you.
One who can put smiles on peoples faces.
One who can make anything the person desires.
One who can sit for hours at their computer making this one thing, to make this one person happy and proud.
Xoid, you are my idol, and you always will be.
I thank you for reading this, i thank you for making such beautiful art.

regenclaw7 years ago
A :

Whoa, man that's too much for me, i don't know what to say, But thank you so much for your kind words :D i hope you'll achieve your goal in no time and be better than me. just remember practice is the key to success. have a nice day man :)

Q :

not a ? but i just had to drop by and say i'm a big fan. your content is...

unknownjedi7 years ago
A :

The feeling is mutual :D

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