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About yume
Hello I am a 22 year old girl from the city of vienna in Austria. I have been drawing comics fo 4 years now. I am a biology student and I enjoy art. Please feel free to leave a ask or a message~ I post doodles and fanart on or on my facebook please visit me there too \(^u^)/
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yume's Favorite Questions
Q : what do you use for drawing?
veljapro008 years ago
A : okay I am using Photoshop and a drawing tablet from wacom
Q : would you reccomend wacom bamboo or wacom intuos? Also, ilubyou.
riflz8 years ago
A : well I have never had different ones so I can only say this works good for me (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
Q :

excuse me butt calling yourself pun master is like lil wayne calling himself rap king
(ps: your puns are as lame as your art)

palm.zisedargon8 years ago
A :

You could show me that you can do it better, but I am purrty sure you cat even handle my pawsome puns

Q :

Can you list a few video games that you play? (if you play them im not sure if you do)

minipanda987 years ago
A :

Pokemon (like all of them),
Fire emblem the awakening,
Harvest Moon,
Animal Crossing,
The sims,
Super smash bros brawl,
final fantasy (only one and I am not done yet)

Q :

I saw Bill on your cover.. Do you watch Gravity Falls?

demijan7 years ago
A :
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