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Q : Your comments are REALLY AWESOME!! and how much reaction images/gifs do you have?
bitchpleasedog8 years ago
A : Thank you and about 2965+ reaction gifs/images.
Q : from what kinda anime your profile pic is?
Mizru8 years ago
A : Gintama, as you can see from the pic it is a serious tale about a man learning the way of the samurai.
Q : You have made it to level 21 about to be 22 with just comments. *Applause*

So I have been wondering, will you ever considered making posts?
acevesgame8 years ago
A : Thank you for the applause.I'm planning to make posts after some time.(I've got a few Ideas too)
Q : whos ur fav character from gintama other than gintoki of course? ^_^
revvy8 years ago
A : That's a tough one,I just can't choose one though,so it's a tie between Hijikata,Kagura,Okita,Kondo,Katsura,Elizabeth and Sadaharu.So which one's you favorite barring Gintoki?
Q : Could you describe this Gintama anime in the best way you could (I think I might watch it)
coolguy6278 years ago
A : At heart Gintama's a comedy anime,but it can be heartwarming,serious and awesome(many good fight scenes later on),it's a character focused anime so their isn't any overarching plot or goal(e.g "I will become the hokage" from naruto) it being character focused makes the start a little slow because we have yet to form a bond with the characters.All in all it's an anime that gets better the more you watch it (many people think it's season 2 where it starts to shine but I like the first season too,)
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