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From United States, 22 years old.
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About zeek123
Yes. This is TheSpiderMan.
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Q : Okay, why the **** were you banned?
willsolvit6 years ago
A : The admin that banned me is an idiot -_-

I would throw a rock at him while he is looking at posts...
Q : Do u have a source to those Spiderman jokes. If u do can u send me the link please ...
tailgunnner6 years ago
A : Just go to Google dude, I'm sure you will be able to figure out how to find them; you know- Images. I'd appreciate if you also gave me credit somehow ;) {BTW Picture is a joke} Seriously some credit would be nice... have a good day.
Q : I'm sorry for you that you got banned. I don't know why an admin banned you. And I don't see that your comments are too irrelevant to that point that you should get banned.
kluku6 years ago
A : I know, I actually put a great amount of thought before posting my comments, so they can make sense. These admins are idiots, THEY are irrelevant to MC.
Q : Why the f do they ban you? I think its fun to have someone doing spiderman threads :P
tukezzu6 years ago
A : I don't really intend to start the threads, but the admins just hate getting own by the likes on my relevant comments ;P
Q : I made an account ages ago called '-spiderman-' just tell me if you'd like to have the password to it since i don't use it ^.^
zu-zu6 years ago
A : I am using the account: therealspiderman. I just occasionaly check on this for messages and such ,but it happens about once a month- that is if I don't forget the password. Thanks anyways!

* You can follow me on the other account if you want :)
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