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About znoflats
Since the admins stopped paying the artists for uploading regularly I will now post my comics whenever I feel like it and not according to some schedule.
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Q : How are sweet rolls made?
bannanbacon8 years ago
A : It's a mystery to all of us. Some ancient tales from the nordic region speaks of some sort of holy fire where the so called "sweet roll" is crafted. In the ancient nordic language, the sweet roll is actually called "saggmacka". Some professionals have been trying to translate this for generations but have never succeded. So the sweet roll mystery stays hidden.

Or it's just spunk inside a peice of bread, I don't know..
Q : how did you come up with your characters and there awesome facial expressions??:D
bloodlust-teddy8 years ago
A : STORY TIME! The first comic I made is actually a true story. The red and blue dudes are supposed to be me and my friend. The blue dude is me and my friend Johan is the red dude. I used to hang out on a website called funnyjunk. I sometimes posted a few comics there, but they were not so succesful. But then I posted my first znoflats comic and had no intention of making more, but they loved it so I continued. And the facial expressions... I don't even know what I'm doing :3
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